Our Objective

  • ● To inculcate in students the sense of unity in diversity and national integrity.
  • ● To develop healthy thoughts and high standards of moral values, honesty sincerity and faithfulness.
  • ● To train the students to be thinkers and not mere reflectors of others thought.
  • ● To build character akin to that of the Creator.
  • ● To promote loving service rather than selfish ambition.
  • ● To ensure maximum development of each individual’s potential and to embrace all that is true good and beautiful.
  • ● To prepare the students for leadership in intellectual, civic and moral life of the so that they may be worthy citizen society.
  • ● Parents and guadiand are requested to enforce regularity and discipline and see that their children prepare the lessons and do their home tasks.
  • ● It is impossible to educate a child without the co-operation of the parents. The child is the product of both HOME & SCHOOL.
  • ● Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities in re-enforcing the educational values of neatness, politeness and courtesy both at home and in the school.
  • ● It is impossible to educate the child without good example and co-operation of the parents / guardians with the principal and staff. A parent / guardian should respect the Principal and the staff at all time. Parents / Guardian shall not criticize the Principal / the staff in front of the students. It does more harm to your children than the staff.
  • ● Any complaints with regard to educational matters or any suggestions for the improvement shall be made to the Principal in person or in writing.
  • ● When a student is proposed to be admitted the Parents / guardians on scrutiny should be satisfied with the environment, educational atmosphere of the school, What the school can give to their ward etc. Even after admission the parents have the right to withdraw their child if they are not satisfied with the environment of the school or education Imparted to the child. On the other hand the parents / guardians can be asked to withdraw the child from the school if the parent / child is involved in activities detrimental to the interest of the school.
  • ● The school raises its funds for day to day expenses from the parents / guardians on different heads. The school fee may be enhanced from time to time depending on the financial requirement of the school. The parent / guardian should be willing to pay the fees decided by the management of the school from time to time.
  • ● The parent / guardian can withdraw his / her ward from the school in case it Is not possible to pay the school fees.

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