Message For Parents/Guardians

  • ● Parents should check the school diary regularly and sign any reports recorded by teacher.
  • ● Parents shall not go to the class rooms during the school hours. In case of any necessity,. they shall contact the school office.
  • ● The Parents should leave the sctsoc1 campus during the morning Assembly.
  • ● The Parents who want to meet the teachers are requested to meet them after the school hours in their respective classes.
  • ● When school is in session, no one must visit the teachers/ staff room except with the permission of the Principal/ Vice-Principal
  • ● After each examination, Parents will be invited to meet the class teacher and the Principal Notice will be given intimating the data and time.
  • ● Parents are strictly advised to refrain from soliciting Private Tuition from the teaching staff of this school, as this might give way to nepotism and favoritism which in the long run prove to be disastrous for the children. The principal reserves the right to tab osciptinary action against any student for from taking private tuition from any teacher of this school.

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