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Dear Parents and Students,

I look forward to this new school year, full of hope and promise that each and every child will be successful and productive member of the NKIS family _ Children benefit greatly when parents/guardians take an active role in their child’s education.

The aim of the school is to make every child a complete and perfect gem of inestimable value, strive to make every child a total quality person.

In this premier institution, we help the students to be thinkers and not more reflectors. We try to build the character akin to that of the creator and promote loving service. We ensure maximum Development of each individual’s potential and to embrace all that is true good and beautiful. Our students are prepared for the leadership in the intellectual, civic and moral life of the country, so that they become worthy citizens of the society. We believe in the openness of mind, dignity of conduct social economic, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity and develop a confident understanding of the role of a student and emerge as self disciplined, responsible and capable of playing an active and positive role in modem society. True learning happens when the students build coherent and conceptual schemes about how to behave in an unfamiliar situation. This kind of original and independent thought process and aptitude enables them to judge sensitively the novel challenges as they move forward and their career paths.

We are pledged to fulfill my expectation of our parent community and set a benchmark that is unparalleled in the field of quality education. I conclude my massage with an invitation to visit NKIS campus located in the lap of greenery where teaching and learning is simple and most importantly within the reach of student with regard.

Vibhuti Narain Singh

Director & Trustee

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